4G/5G Core Network Testing Solution

A scalable, comprehensive, and advanced test platform designed to validate and replicate 4G/5G mobile networks.
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The XproTel Replay 4G/5G Testing Solution is a comprehensive and advanced testing solution designed to simulate and test the control and user planes of 4G/5G core networks. This powerful solution finds wide applications in various scenarios, including 4G/5G product research and development, commercial selection, and existing network testing.
XproTel offers signaling plane capabilities, providing simulation interfaces for core networks that comply with the 3GPP standards. This allows for realistic and standardized simulation of interface interoperability processes and functional characteristics, accurately representing network behavior.
XproTel Replay can generate complex traffic models based on signaling messages and user behavior for the media plane. It supports the correlation between media traffic and user actions such as online/offline status, switching, and roaming. Additionally, it allows for the insertion of multiple different service traffic per single user, ensuring the construction of highly representative traffic models that mirror real-world network conditions.  XproTel Replay can handle hundreds of thousands of users coming online per second, support concurrent user counts in the hundreds of millions, and achieve throughput rates of up to 200 Gbps.

XproTel supports testing multiple devices, including 4G/5G core network NEs, 4G/5G DPI, and convergence and diversion devices. By offering an integrated platform for 4G/5G core network simulation, XproTel Replay lowers the cost of testing by condensing capabilities onto a single platform. It leverages a flexible x86 architecture, providing unparalleled agility and the ability to rapidly upgrade to support the latest 3GPP versions without delays caused by dedicated hardware limitations.
We understand how crucial it is to safeguard your investment, which is precisely why XproTel Replay is designed to interface and collaborate seamlessly with other mobile core network simulation testing instruments available in the market. This cost-effective 4G/5G simulation testing solution provides superior functionality, performance, and flexibility while leveraging users' existing instruments.  Test, validate, and optimize your 4G/5G networks with XproTel Replay 4G/5G Core Network Testing Solution for maximum performance, reliability, and functionality.

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