XproTel 5G Core Network Simulator
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The XproTel Replay 4G/5G Testing Solution is a scalable, comprehensive, and advanced test platform designed to validate and replicate 4G/5G mobile networks. It generates the control and user plane traffic of 4G/5G core networks and simulates millions of mobile users.   This powerful solution finds wide applications in various scenarios, including 4G/5G product research and development, commercial selection, and existing network testing.

Product Features

Emulate complete 4G/5G network elements. Simulate the control plane and user plane traffic of millions of users. Support testing of 4G/5G core network and application layer equipment..

A single dual-CPU server supports hundreds of thousands of new users and tens of millions of concurrent users with user planes performance up to 400Gbps.

Support 1G/10G/25G/40G/50G/100G/400G network interfaces, mixed interfaces of different types, real-time adjustment of network interface configuration, and automatic instrument identification

Based on X86 platform, compatible with various server configurations, and support for visualized environment

Detailed test reports and logs for troubleshooting

Cost-effective, significantly reduce test equipment investment

High-performance 5GC signaling plane and media plane simulation test platform

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